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Barbara Jordan: An American Hero
  Mary Beth Rogers (Bantam 1998 Hb $12)
  Michelle Wallace (Verso 1990 Pb $13.75)
David Walker's Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World
  David Walker (Penn St.UP, 2000 Trade Pb $11) SOLD

Democracy Matters
  Cornell West (Penguin 2004 Hb $7.50)
Dick Gregory's Political Primer
  Dick Gregory (Perennial Library 1972 MM $6.50) SOLD
Dude, Where's My Country
  Michael Moore (Grand Central Pub 2003  HB $11.75)
John Adams David McCullough (Simon & Schuster 2001 Hb, $11.25)
Law, Gender & Injustice: A Legal History of U.S. Women
  Joan Hoff (New York UP 1994 Pb $16)
State of Denial: Bush at War - Part III
   Bob Woodward (Simon and Schuster 2006 Hb $6.25)

Caribbean Time Bomb Robert Coram

A Pictorial History of the Negro in America  
   Langston Hughes/Milton Meltzer

   (Crown 1956 Third Rev. Ed. Pb $22)
Before the Mayflower
by Lerone Bennett Jr.
A Social History of the American Negro
   Benjamin Brawley (Collier 1971 Pb $13)
A Short History of Africa
   Roland Oliver, et al (Penguin 4th Rev. Ed. 1973 MM $6)
Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America
   Lerone Bennett Jr (Penguin 5th Rev. Ed. 1982 Pb $12.00) SOLD
Black Protest: History, Documents and 
   Analyses: 1619 to the Present
   Joanne Grant  (Fawcett 1986 MM $6)
From Slavery to Freedom: A History of Negro Americans
  John Hope Franklin (Knopf 1967 3rd Ed. Rev and Enlarged Hb $21)
  Mary Frances Berry and John W. Blassingame, Eds.
  (Oxford University Press 1982 Pb $13)
White Over Black: American Attitudes Toward the Negro 1550-1812
Winthrop D. Jordan(Norton 1977 Pb $15)

The Ruins of Empires
by C. F. Volney
The Pyramids of Egypt
   I.E.S. Edwards (A Studio Book 1972 Hb $14)
(The) Ruins of Empires
   C. F. Volney (Black Classic Press 1991 [from the 1890 edition] Pb $11)
Stolen Legacy
   George G. M. James (Julian Richardson 1985 Pb $11)SOLD
When Egypt Ruled the East, Rev. 2nd Ed. 
   George Steindorff/ Rev. by Keith C. Seele
   (University of Chicago Press 1957 Hb $20)

AMERICAN SLAVERY                        
(The) African Slave Trade [Revised and Enlarged Ed.]
   Basil Davidson (Back Bay Books 1988 Pb $12.50)
Black Cargoes: A History of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1518-1856
  Daniel P. Mannix (Viking 1969 Pb $9) SOLD
Black Odyssey: The African-American Ordeal in Slavery
  Nathan Irvin Huggins (Vintage 1990 Trade Pb $8)
Mutiny on the Amistad
  Howard Jones (Oxford University Press 1987 Pb $8) SOLD

Against Wind and Tide (Bio. of William Lloyd Garrison) 
  Walter M. Merrill (Harvard UP 1963 Hb $16.50)
All on Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery
   Henry Mayer (St. Martin's Press 2000 Pb 14.99)
American Negro Slave Revolts
  Herbert Aptheker (Columbia University Press Pb 1963 $22) SOLD
American Negro Slavery: A Modern Reader 3rd Ed.
   David Sarasohn (Oxford University Press 1979 Pb $14)
Black Resistance Before the Civil War William F. Cheek
  (Prentice Hall 1970 Pb $8.50)
Black Majority: Negroes in Colonial South Carolina from 1670 through the Stono Rebellion
Peter H. Wood (Norton 1996 [orig. published 1974) Trade Pb $8)
Bullwhip Days: The Slaves Remember  -- An Oral History  
  James Mellon Ed. (Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1988 Pb $12.95)
Denmark Vesey: The Buried Story of America's Largest
   Slave Rebellion and the Man Who Led It
   David Robertson (Vintage 2000 Pb $11)
Great Slave Narratives
   Arna Bontemps, Ed. (Beacon Press 1987 Pb $8)
The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina: Pioneers for Women's Rights and Abolition
   Gerda Lerner (Oxford University Press 1998 Pb $12.50)
Journey Toward Freedom: The Story of Sojourner Truth
   Jacqueline Bernard (Feminist Press 1993 Pb $9)
Lay My Burden Down: A Folk History of Slavery
  Jerrold Hirsch, [B.A. Botkin Ed.]  (Delta 1994 Pb $10)
Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery
  Robert William Fogel (Little Brown 1974 Hb $11) SOLD
(The) Liberty Line, Larry Gara
(The) Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South
  Kenneth M. Stampp (Vintage 1989 Pb $11)
(The) Slave Community John W. Blassingame (Oxford UP 1972 Pb $9)
Slave Religion Albert J. Raboteau
Slavery in the Americas: A Comparative Study of Virginia and Cuba
  Herbert S Klein (Quadrangle 1971 Pb $9)
Slavery in the Cities Richard C. Wade
Southern Negroes Bell Irvin Wiley (Yale UP 1965 Pb $9) SOLD
The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States 
   W.E.B. DuBois (Louisiana State University Press 1969 $9) SOLD
(The) Underground Railroad, Charles Blockson (Prentice Hall 1987 Hb $7)
(The) Underground Railroad Charles Blockson (Prentice Hall 1987 Pb $8.50)

Black Writers and the American Civil War 
   Richard A. Long (Blue & Grey 1988 Hb $11)
Confederate Women Bell Irvin Wiley
Like Men of War: Black Troops in the Civil War 1862-1865
  Noah Andre Trudeau (Back Bay Books 1999 Pb $11)
The Negro in the Civil War
  Benjamin Quarles (Little Brown 1969 Pb $8)

    (Harper Perennial 1990 Pb $8)
    Lower Cape Fear
    W. McKee (Norton 1974 Pb $6.90)
(The) Black Man In America Since Reconstruction
  David Reimers (Crowell 1970 Pb $11.50)
Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells
   Alfreda Duster, Ed. (University of Chicago Press 1970 Pb $7.99) SOLD
(The) Senator and the Socialite Lawrence Graham
  (Harper 2007 Hb $14.50)

(The) Black West, William Loren Katz
(The) Life and Adventures of Nat Love
  Nat Love (Arno Press/NYT 1968 Pb $4.25) SOLD
(The) Life and Adventures of Nat Love
  Nat Love (Black Classic Press 1988 Pb $7.50)

THE MODERN ERA (20th Century)
Africa & Africans
  Paul Bohannan and Philip Curtain  (Natural History Press 1964 MM $6) SOLD
African Revolutionary: The Life and Times of Nigeria's Aminu Kano
  Alan Feinstein (Quadrangle 1973 Hb $10.50)
Arms and the African, William J. Foltz and Henry S. Bienem, Eds.
Negro Protest Thought in the Twentieth Century
   Francis L Broderick and August Meier Eds. (Bobbs-Merrill 1965 Pb $6) SOLD

(The) Black Man in America Since Reconstruction 
  David Reimers (Crowell 1970 Pb $11.50)
Paul Robeson
   Martin B. Duberman (Knopf 1988 Hb $18.50)
Race Riot: Chicago in the Red Summer of 1919 
   William M. Tuttle Jr (Atheneum 1975 Pb $8.75)
Smoked Yankees and the Struggle for Empire: Letters 
   Negro Soldiers 1898 -1902, Willard B. Gatewood Jr.
   (University of Arkansas Press Reprint 1987 Pb $12)
W.E.B. DuBois, 1919-1963: The Fight for Equality and the
   American Century David Levering Lewis (Henry Holt 2001 Pb $14.50) SOLD

A Matter of Law: A Memoir of Struggle in the Cause of Civil Rights
   Robert L. Carter (The New Press 2005 Hb $14.50) SOLD
Adam Clayton Powell and the Supreme Court
   Kent M. Weeks (Dunellen 1971 Hb $20)
April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Death and How It Changed America  
   Michael Eric Dyson (Basic Civitas 2008 Hb $7.50)
Code Name Zorro: The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr 
  Mark Lane and Dick Gregory (Prentice Hall 1976 Hb $9) SOLD
(The) FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  David Garrow (Penguin 1983 Pb $7) SOLD
Martin and Malcolm and America: A Dream or a Nightmare?
  James H. Cone (Orbis Books 1991 Hb $11.50) SOLD
Voices of Freedom: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement
from the 1950s through the 1980s
   Henry Hampton (Bantam 1990 Hb $16)
Warriors Don't Cry
  Melba Patillio Beals (Washington Square Press 1995 Pb $11)
Voices of Freedom
Henry Hampton, S. Bayer, Eds.
Watch Me Fly: What I Learned on the Way to Becoming
  the Woman I Was Meant to Be

  Myrlie Evers-Williams  (Little Brown 1999 Hb $11)
When Negroes March 
  Herbert Garfinkel (Macmillan 1969 Pb $13) SOLD

A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story (Black Panthers)
  Elaine Brown (Pantheon 1993 Hb $13) SOLD
(The) Ideological Origins of Black Nationalism
  Sterling Stuckey (Beacon Press 1972 Hb $14.95) SOLD
This Side of Glory: The Autobiography of David Hilliard   and the Story of the Black Panther Party
  David Hilliard and Lewis Cole  (Little Brown 1993 Pb $7.99) SOLD

SOCIAL SCIENCE & Related Titles
A Social History of the American Negro; Being a History of the Negro Problem in the United States, Including a History and Study of the Republic of Liberia
   Benjamin Brawley (Collier 1971 Pb $13) SOLD
Black Metropolis: A Study of Negro Life in a 
   Northern City Volume II
   St. Clair Drake & Horace R. Cayton SOLD
(The) Black Preacher in America
  Charles Hamilton  (Morrow 1972 Hb $25)
Black Skin, White Masks Frantz Fanon (Grove Press 1994 Trade Pb $9.50)
Climbing Jacob's Ladder: The Enduring Legacy
  of African American Families   
  Andrew Billingsley, Ph.D. (Simon and Schuster 1992 Hb $14.50)
The Color Complex: The Politices of Skin Color Among African Americans
   Midge Wilson (Harcourt 1992 [orig. published 1911] Hb $11)
Dark Ghetto: Dilemmas of Social Power
   Kenneth B. Clark (Harper & Row 1967 Pb $10)
Half a Man: The Status of the Negro in New York
  Mary White Ovington (Hill and Wang 1969 Pb $15)
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
  James Agee and Walker Evans (Houghton Mifflin 1980 Pb $9)
Muntu: The New African Culture 
   Janheinz Jahn (Grove Press 1961 Pb $9)

The Negro
Nancy Cunard, Ed.
Negro: An Anthology Nancy Cunard SOLD
Peoples and Cultures of Africa, Elliott P. Skinner, Editor
(The) Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States
   W. E. B. DuBois  SOLD (Louisiana State University Press 1969 $9)
Truly Disadvantanged: The Inner City, the Underclass, and    Public Policy 
   William Julius Wilson  SOLD (University of Chicago Press  1987 Hb $18)