Monday, July 19, 2010

Is Racial Justice Passe? - HBF 2010 panel

Good discussion on topic, "Is Racial Justice Passe? Barack Obama, American Society, and Human Rights in the 21st Century," from panelists Yohuru Williams, William Jelani Cobb, Peniel Joseph, Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, Paul Butler, and Steve Clark.

Williams was on point when he said that we need to provide young people with the history and give them the love and support to take the baton in activism; Joseph was clear in saying that President Obama is connected to the Black Power movement; however, he can't be held accountable as an activist, such as Malcolm X--he is not an activist, but he can be held accountable in his role as president.

Many props to Gloria J. Browne-Marshall in particular for asking how will we know how much justice is available if we don't read The Constitution to find out what is possible, what is afforded to us as citizens. Browne-Marshall said we need to take the criminal justice system apart; how much justice do we have? Think about it, she said: "I certainly don't have enough!"

Sorry the promoted booksigning after the discussion didn't come off. Where were the books?

Couldn't find Browne-Marshall but did catch (pictured above) Yohuru Williams, Black Politics/White Power: Civil Rights, Black Power and the Black Panthers in New Haven and Peniel Joseph and his book, Dark Days, Bright Nights: From Black Power to Barack Obama. Met Yohuru when he was promoting his book in New Haven a few years ago--good brother.

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