Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who's publishing E-books?

A friend just emailed me yesterday that he's discovered e-books are really cooooool. This was unexpected for me because this is a hard core books guy who has bought thousands of books since I've known him (he was giving hard cover books as Christmas gifts when we were 12 years old.)

I admit -- I have not acquired a Kindle, or other such reader, and have not downloaded an e-book yet, none that I've read, anyway.

In addition to reading e-books, I want to know more about how some of you are faring in publishing e-books.

Today, a Wall Street Journal article announces that marketing guru Seth Godin is leaving his trade book publisher and will produce his next work as an e-book directly to fans on his blog, about 400,000 plus fans.

Have any of you who have published traditional books found it more profitable to publish an e-book? Have you found significant increases in "royalties"? More direct communication and feedback with your readers?

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